Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain, The (1995) DVD Review

The Story
The movie is set in a small Welsh village during the first World War, all the men but a few are off fighting in the war or mining coal. Two English map (Hugh Grant and Ian McNeice) makers arrive in the town to map their local mountain. The locals are outraged when the English class their mountain as merely a hill. The local Innkeeper and Reverent try to find a way to delay the English leaving and quickble to find a way to restore their "hill" as the first mountain in Wales. The Innkeeper enlists Barmaid (Tara FitzGerald) to charm the English into delaying their departure, to give the village more time to raise their mountain.

The Review
The story is set in Taff's Well - just north of Cardiff. Having lived in Cardiff for a couple of years, made me enjoy watching the movie even more. Although the movie is recorded in Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant and Llansilin in Mid Wales it has the same Welsh feel to it. I enjoyed trying to spot familiar looking scenery. But even if you've never been in Wales, it's a nice romantic comedy to watch, with entertaining acting and an original story, based on tales told by the writer/directors grandfather.

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