Eragon (2008) DVD Review

The story of Eragon is a classic fantasy tale. The movie can be summarised in one sentence as: A poor farm boy fiends a dragon egg and his journey to grow into a Dragon Riding hero fighting the King ruling the evil empire.

A blue stone is stolen from the evil King by Arya (who turns out to be a princess), who teleports the stone to a forest before being captured. The farm boy Eragon, finds it whilst hunting. He tries to bargain the blue stone for some food, but butcher is not interested. It turns out that the blue stone is a dragon egg, and Eragon is chosen by the dragon as its Dragon Rider. Eragon has to deal with the changes to his life and the faith of the rebels fighting the king rests on his shoulders.

I kept expecting a romance to develop between Eragon and Arya, but other than some hints and the closing scene I found it quite refreshing that it wasn't emphasised in the movie.

The story isn't always logical, and there are some plot holes but I found Eragon an entertaining fantasy movie (unlike a lot of other people). The special effects of the dragon are great and there is some stunning scenery (recorded in Hungary). It should be said that i haven't read the book(s) by Christopher Paolini, according to other reviewers the book and the movie contain some major differences. If you like fantasy movies its worth watching.

DVD Extras
I haven't watched the directors' audio commentary. The 7 deleted scenes however, fill in some plot holes, such as how the baddies found out that Eragon had the blue stone.

Popcorn Movie Reviews' Verdict
I wouldn't spent top dollar/euro/pounds for this movie, but by now you can pick it up from the bargain bin, and I would watch this movie again as it's an entertaining hour and half.

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