George and the Dragon (2003) DVD Review

The Story
George (James Purefoy) is a knight returning from the first crusade on his way back to England. All he wants is a little bit of land and some cattle and start a home. On his return to England however, he hears that the king's daughter Lunna (Piper Perabo) has gone missing. He sets out on a quest to find the girl and return her to the King and Lord Garth the Gurney (Patrick Swayze) who has been promised her hand in marriage. George and Garth both set out to rescue the princes

and the adventure continues when George find Lunna taking care of a enormous dragon's egg. She tries to protect the dragon's egg whilst they are chased by bounty hunters and mercenaries.

The Review
Rather than a mediocre movie, I enjoyed George and the Dragon much better than I expected. The story maybe a bit predictable, but it was entertaining and the actors seemed to have fun playing their parts. The effects of the dragon look convincing to me, and I did not get the feeling that I was watching special effects, it seemed to have character and personality. Do not expect scenes as in LOTS however. The film had a good pace, and there where loads of funny moments. Including some showing that the film makers didn't take themselves too seriously. See whether you can count how many times the roofer falls of the roof in the backgrounds.

Make sure to watch the credits as there are some funny out takes!

I picked up the movie for €2 and it's definitely a movie I'll watch again. You'll pay more if you're trying to rent it.

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