How to add a review to

  1. First login to your account.
  2. Select Create content from the menu and click on review.
  3. Title
    Enter the title of the movie follow by the year it's published in brackets and wether it's a movie (cinema) or DVD review.
    E.g.: How To Lose Friends and Alienate People (2008) Movie Review
    Use the library form and but any ... as The and A at the end of the title.
    E.g.: Forbidden Kingdom, The (2008) DVD Review
    If the movie is part of a series you can add the series name at the end of the title.
    E.g.: Quantum of Solace (2008) Movie Review | James Bond | 007
  4. Actors, directors, producers and writers
    Enter the main actors and directors. For all names enter a comma separated list of actors in the format Last name; First name.
    E.g. Chan; Jackie, Lee; Bruce
  5. Genre
    Enter one or more genres that apply to the movie. Where possible try to use existing genres rather than creating additional genres. See the movie genre classification page for an overview of existing genres.
  6. Menu settings
    • Menu link title:
      Enter the title of the movie only.
      E.g. Aviator, The
    • Parent item:
      Set to -- Reviews
  7. Body:
    Enter your review here. Make sure it is spell checked!
  8. Book outline
    Select Book: Reviews in drop down menu.
  9. URL path settings
    Enter the name of the movie, replacing spaces with -. Name should be in all lower case.
    E.g. indiana-jones-kingdom-crystal-skull
  10. Preview
    Click the Preview button, review your page and Submit it.