In Her Shoes (2008) Movie Review

‘In Her Shoes’ is the story of two sisters, Maggie and Rose, who at the start of the film are like chalk and cheese – completely at odds with each other – but who share the same shoe size and love for Rose’s collection of shoes.

Rose (played by Toni Collette) is the older, more serious sister, with a busy career as a lawyer, and serious outlook on life. Cameron Diaz plays Maggie, the younger, irresponsible sister who drinks too much and does inappropriate things with inappropriate men.

After one disastrous evening, which sees Maggie sleeping with Rose’s boyfriend, Rose throws Maggie out of her house. Not being allowed to return to their father’s home, Maggie goes on a trip to find her maternal Grandmother.

As the story progresses, you see that, however dysfunctional the sister’s relationship is, that they do need each other. As Maggie becomes more responsible, moving to her Grandmother’s retirement village and working there in the nursing home, Rose becomes more frivolous – even wearing her precious shoe collection.

The sisters are reunited as Rose is engaged, and try to understand the tragedy of their family’s past and how they are now a little more like each other.

‘In Her Shoes’ is a great ‘chick flick’ – Diaz and Collette seem to work really well together, and the writing is sparky and captures the sisters’ up-and-down relationship.

JT – July 08

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