Liberty Heights (1999) DVD Review

The Story
According to the blurb on the back of the DVD case, the movie is a semi-autobiographical story written (and directed) by Barry Levinson. Set in 1954, it tells the stories of two sons, Van and Ben each falling in love with girls that their parents do not approve of. Van, the oldest, falls for a rich non-Jewish girl and Ben becomes friends with his school's first black student.

Their father in the mean time gets into financial trouble, when his betting opperation can't cover a clients' bet. The police who had turned a blind eye to his numbers and strip-club up to that point are starting to show an interest and he gets into trouble.

The Review
I enjoyed watching Liberty Heights, it gives an interesting sight into the 50's attitude of different groups living their separate lives and what happened in the 50's in America when the different people from different backgrounds and religions start to intermingle. The soundtrack of the movie is great and intergrates with the movie well.

Liberty Heights is more a romantic drama than a laught out loud comedy, but it's a movie I will watch again with pleasure.

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