Little Man Tate (1991) DVD Review

The Story
Fred Tate his a highly intelligent seven year old boy, playing the piano, performing astonishing mathmatics and creating art. As he's a bit of an odd duckling, he is ignored by his class mates. His single mother Dede, played by Jodie Foster, tries her best, but is strugling. After long deliberation she agrees to let a psychologist (Dianne Wiest) enlist him to a school for highly gifted children. Fred finally get an intelectual challenge here, but he finds it difficult to get used to living in the academic world.

The Review
The first time I saw this movie was on TV, not unusually for me I missed the beginning. This happened again when I saw the movie for a second time on telly. Having the DVD makes a nice change, finally being able to watch the beginning once.

There are some funny moments in the movie and I always enjoyed watching it when ever it happened to be on telly. It's a nice story about a boy growing up.

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