Shaun Of The Dead (2004) DVD Review

The Story
The tag line of the movie is a Romantic Comedy with Zombies, and that's a good summary of the movie.

It starts out with Shaun's girlfiend Liz, breaking up with him as he's got no ambition and she doesn't see a future for them. Shaun goes on a bender and decides to win her back the next day. The next day the people in London seem to be infected by something and start turning into Zombies. Shaun decided to go rescue his mother and Liz, and they have to fight themselves through London's Zombie infested streets. They make there way to the Winchester, their local pub, for the final stand off. As in any good horror movie, but rahter unlike most Holywood films, they loose several members of their group to Zombies along the way.

The Review
I've liked the Spaced tv series from Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, and Shaun of the Dead has much of the same style of humor. The idea for Shaun of the Dead came from one of the Spaced episodes where a Zombie get's blown away in one of Tim's (Simon Pegg) fantasies. It's got some horror bits in it, so if you are easily upset you may want to look away for some bits. There aren't a lot of very gruesome scenes in the movie however. I found the movie very funny and it has some very quotable lines in.

DVD Extra's
There quite a lot of interesting and fun extra's on the DVD. There are video diaries of some of the main characters and zombie extra's, which are quite entertaining. You can see the full TV bits interviews from the movie and much more.

The Verdict
I loved Spaced and Shaun of the Dead is like a longer and better version of it. I highly recommend this UK movie to everyone!

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