Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) DVD Review

The Story

Dr. Evil is back! and he's travelled back to the 60's to take over the world. International super spy Austin Powers follow's him back to 1969 after finding that his wife is a Fembot. Dr. Evil steals Austin's mojo and Austin gets help from Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) "Shagwell by name and shag-very-well by reuptation". Dr. Evil is assisted by his old team, nr. two, Frau and Scott, in addition to a clone 1/8th of Dr. Evil's size, called mini me. They end up flying to the moon for their final battle including time travelling around!

The Review

It definatley helps if you've seen the first movie and other popular movies that are being spoofed, such as James Bond. There are some repeated jokes from the first episode in this series, but there are also loads of new original jokes. There are original sequences in between the different scenes providing a definate 60's mood to the movie.

There are too many jokes, bot mention, but one of my favourites is when Scott and Dr. Evil appeared on the Jerry Springer show and end up in a massive fight. The jokes continue into the credits at the end, so don't switch your DVD player off straight away and fast forward to the end!

If you are in the mood for a silly comedy, than the second Austin Powers is definatley a very funny movie, which is highly recommended by popcorn movie reviews!

The Extras

Deleted scenes - Some of the really funny, others are not that surprising that they have been removed.
Behind the scenes - Varies in intrestingness.
Cameos - List of actors who performed a cameo and some borring info from imdb.
Full length commentry - The commentry is interesting in bits, but there are also periods when it's really not that interesting, but that's something I find with many other commentries.
Easter egg - If you go to the special features menu from the main menu and wait for 1 minute without pressing any buttons, you'll see an additional option, which reveals an icon where you can find three additional Dr. Evil / mini me extra's. Two of the extra's are dance/song extracts from the movie, the third one details the plot lines of several action/spy movies including Matt Helm, Derek Flint and Harry Palmer. Some of the ones from the 007 movies listsing SPECTRE plots and how James Bond foiled them are mildly amusing.

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