Aviator, The (2004) DVD Review

I can kind of see why this movie was nominated for 11 and received 5 Oscars. However, it doesn't make me like it any better. The movie has an intersting sounding story.

It follows the life of Howard Hughes, a miljionair, film maker and pilot risking his money and/or life over and over again. Trying to realise his dreams: He makes the most expensive movie in his time, breaks speed records in his airplanes. Sounds interesting, well... interesting in bits and some really cool special effects, but its all way too draw out for my liking. I'm glad I watched the 170 mins. - that's 2 hours and 50 minutes - on DVD rather than in a cinema. At least now I could get a drink every now and then. The story could have been told in a much shorter time in my opinion, without loosing too much of the dramatic scenes and feel to the movie. I was tempted to fast forward to some of the scenes, but I managed to resist the urge.

My verdict: the special effects are amazing, but the entire movie is too drawn out.

No extra's on the DVD to review.

The movie has had one influence on me, I'm quite curious to see the movies Howard Hughes made. So keep your eyes out for their reviews here!

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