Time Bandits (1981) DVD Reviews

The Story
Six time travelling dwarves walk through Kevin's bed room from one time to another. Kevin joins them in their adventures through time, steeling a load of gold and other treasure from Napoleon and carrying on through medieval times. Which also is the funniest bits of the movie with John Cleese playing a very polity Robin Hood. The dwarves are chased by a floating face trying to get back the map plotting the time holes the dwarves stole. Travelling from time hole to time hole they finally make it to the lair of Evil Genius who plans to use the map to take over the world.

The Review
Based on the people who worked on the movie I expected a comedy in the style of other Monty Python movies such as Life of Brain and The Holy Grail. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. I didn't find the movie that entertaining at all, I couldn't decide who I found more annoying at the beginning of the movie, the dwarves or the actor playing Napoleon. The story wasn't very compelling either - I dozed off half way through, waking up for the end.

I rewatched the bit of the movie that I missed, but the only slightly interesting bit was seeing Sean Connery playing a Greek King.

My conclusion: even if you come across it in the bargain bin, I would leave it there.

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