Wayne's World (1992) DVD Review

The Story
Best friends Wayne and Garth have their own cable-access show Wayne's World from the basement of Wayne's parent's house. Sleazy TV producer Benjamin happens to see the show and sees an opportunity to exploit it. Benjamin is after more than only Wayne's TV show, he also tries to steel Waynes new girlfriend Cassandra [swing].

The Review
Wayne's World is an excellent comedy as long as you don't expect too sufficticated a comedy. Its got load and loads of memorable quotes and funny jokes.

Some of the funnies jokes are subtitle jokes where the subtitles go on and on and on, whilst the characters have long stopped talking.

There are quite a lot of references to popular culture and other movies. If you haven't seen Terminator you may not get why Wayne starts screeming when he sees the face of the cop who pulls him over.

Another Popcorn Moview Reviews recommendation!.

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