Wayne's World 2 (1993) DVD Review

The Story
Wayne finally moved out of his parents house and now lives in and makes his tv show from an abandoned doll factory. He is worries about the future as he has no direction in life. An almost naked indian appears in his dream who takes him to Jim Morrison in the desseart. He instructs him to put on a music festival, getting cool bands "If you book them, they will come".

Whilst Garth is dating megababe Honey Hornee, played by Kim Basinger, Wayne has is fighting over Cassandra (Tia Carrere) with the evil record producer Bobby Cahn (Christopher Walken).

The Review
As with a lot of sequals the second time around it isn't as funny as the first time. Where Wayne's World was a funny and refreshing comedy, in Wayne's World 2 there are a lot of similar jokes. It still quite a funny movie, but not quite as funny as Wayne's World in my opinion. Although you could watch Waynes World 2, without having seen the first episode, the references to the first one make it more enjoyable if you watch them in order.

One of my other favs is when Wayne and Cassandra's father have a martial arts movie styled fight, in which Wayne manages to shred his jeans wielding a sword.

Not as recommended highly as Wayne's World, but if you've watched the first one, you may as well make an evening of it and watch the 2nd one too!

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